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my wishes

-I wish I had more friends at school.
-I wish I had more close friends in general.
-I wish I was naturally skinny.
-I wish my hair was long again.
-I wish I had a cute boyfriend with scruffy hair, who listens to indie bands and does not act like my latest candidate has been acting.
-I wish I was taller.
-I wish I didn't smoke
-I wish I could sing
-I wish I had more happiness than I knew what to do with and had no choice but to put it into my art and share it with everyone.


The new theme is WISHES!

things to do before i die

-publish a book of poetry
-publish a novel
-live in scotland
-live in the countryside
-get married (?)
-have a kid, or maybe two (?)
-have a black kitten with green eyes named Widdershin
-recover completely
-travel the world
-quit smoking
-die happy

Things to do before I die:

In no particular order.

1. Fall in love
2. Live in a different state
3. Get punched in the face
4. Punch someone in the face
5. Have a first kiss
6. Have a child
7. Get married
8. Go to Europe again
9. Have sex
10. Donate bone marrow
11. Learn to drive
12. Graduate college
13. Live in NYC
14. Let go of the past
15. Have the body I want
16. Go on an impulsive roadtrip for a month
17. Live in a different country

I'll probably add more to this later.

first lists:

Name: emily
Age: 30
Corner of the world: Canaduh
Kinds of lists you like to make: To Do, pros/cons, packing, things to remember, organizational
Hobbies: knittin', drawin', readin'
Music: LOTS
Reads: self-help, sci-fi, fiction, nonfiction. whatcha got?
Foods: MEAT
Pics (optional):


things i look for in a relationship

- a sense of 'safety'
- trust
- compassion
- mindfulness
- humour
- able to deal well with disappointment, upset
- has personal goals
- sense of humour
- reciprocal
- open minded
- sexually adventurous
- enthusiastic/passionate
- adequate communication skills


-intellectual growth
-common interests
-sexual chemistry

intro post & my list

Name: Erin
Age: 19 (but I'll be 20 in a about a month zomg!)
Corner of the world: The good ol' US of fail.
Kinds of lists you like to make: I love making lists so anything's game.
Hobbies: Music, Reading, Writing, Walking
Music: I don't discriminate against any genre. If I like a song then I like it.
Reads: Anything suspenseful or snarky.
Foods: Sushi!

Things I look for in a relationship:
-Natural chemistry
-Sense of humor
-Nothing clingy
-Nothing controlling
-Open mindedness
-Acceptance of each others flaws and differences
-Nothing cheesy but some small romantic gestures are always nice
-Outgoing (I'm the shy one. :P)
-Dependable but not predictable
-Physically - Tall and not skinnier than me lol
-So I can't believe I forgot PASSION *facepalm*



Welcome to GiRLSMAKELiSTS.

I am your moderator along with slutcigarette.

The current theme is things I look for in a relationship.

So have at 'er.