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top ten things on my mind, right now

- this note taking job. (i can do this! Don't laugh at me, i actually need the affirmation)
- is it really seriously possible to make a marriage work?
- I need money
- I am OLD
- I used to have really nice boobs. they're niceish. whatever.
- I hope i'm not totally fucking up my kid
- want to break out of my rut, box. life
- take on new happy life
- should see my shink.

things to do this week:

-call psychiatrist/ make appointment
-call george brown disability office
-call george brown Financial Aid office
-social anxiety group tuesday, then lunch with boy.
-call Oasis recovery, find out about work placement program?
-don't fall to pieces.


-doing things 'wrong'
-being alone
-spiders (i respect them, though! they just creep me out!)
-large ill-behaved dogs
-important people in my life dying
-being lost forever

Apr. 30th, 2009

art_planner notes

MODS please consider/delete if necessary re: this post. thx.
i started this community for artists who like to plan, budget, and share their ideas and progress. artists (not limited to): tattoos, painting, fashion design, illustration, sculpture, filmmaking, writing, diy, music, misc crafts, please consider joining! open membership for limited time. :)


The new theme is Things I am Afraid of. Eep!

Do you wish on 11:11? I do.

- I wish for peace with my body, peace with my ex, peace with and throughout the world.
- I wish people would realize that their religions are NOT an excuse to hate. To quote Ghandi, "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."  But this goes for all religions.
- I wish I could be more sure of my future. I can see where I'll be in 20 years, but I wish I knew how to get there.
- I wish grades were made off of grades, and not finals. I don't do well under academic pressure.
- I wish I could play the guitar.
- I wish I could improvise on the piano.
- I wish my hair dried perfectly, every time.
- I wish my animal's cages, and my cage, for that matter, cleaned itself.
- I wish I could live outdoors.
- I wish a lot of things, but most of all, I wish nobody ever had to make wishes they knew wouldn't come true.


Name: I respond to Allison, Alli, or Alana. Alana is a stretch for most, but some call me that anyway. You should probably go with Alli, unless you really prefer Allison.
Age: 15 years young. Age ain't nothing but a number. Don't judge me, I won't judge you.
Corner of the world: Missouri. I don't live in a small town, but suburbs and I don't get along.
Kinds of lists you like to make: Dude. Anything. I don't care, I'm not picky. This will keep me entertained and happy. ^-^
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, acting, piano, writing, drawning, making graphics, procrastinating on important things
Music: Mayday Parade, Say Anything, obscure broadway stuff too.
Reads: Horror. FTW.
Foods: Well, I'm four years vegetarian. Love thai food, indian food. And pears/strawberries!
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We must bring:

My band recorded in the studio this weekend. To make sure we didn't forget everything, us girls wrote a "to bring" list. It went like this:

☆ Lyric Sheets
☆ Cameras
☆ Video Camera
☆ Instruments
☆ Guitar Picks
☆ Drum Sticks
☆ Cables
☆ Drum KIT
☆ Victory Wine
☆ Wine Cups
☆ Tuner
☆ Gift Certificate
☆ Directions
☆ Money
☆ Our voices
☆ A shot each of hard liquor


I wish I could hold on to my current love forever
I wish I were more self-assured
I wish I were just a teeny bit taller
I wish I were thinner, but with bigger boobs. WHERE DID MY BOOBS GO?
I wish I could eat without falling asleep after
I wish I could eat and not gain :S
I wish my stupid metabolic disorder/cysty ovaries away. FUCK YOU BODY.
I wish I could take back the last 10 years of my life. I would do things SO DIFFERENTLY
I wish I had never met that creep
I wish I could have waited...
I wish I were less apathetic
I wish for school to work out next jan.
I wish death on certain people, but only because I feel they need... release. I have no animosity.
I wish I were less afraid

My Wishes

I wish I was naturally skinny
I wish I had naturally clear skin
I wish my hair was naturally this dark
I wish I'd stop using the word "naturally"
I wish I was athletic
I wish I was more self assured
I wish my parents were happy and in love
I wish I still believed in love
I wish I was in love
I wish I could speak another language fluently
I wish I was born and raised in a city
I wish I could drive/had a car
I wish I could play guitar and/or piano like a BOSS
I wish I wasn't so bitter all the time
I wish I had never recovered from my eating disorder because I'd probably be much thinner
I wish I had more friends, and that they'd actually be dependable
I wish I had no body hair so I'd never have to shave
I wish I didn't have this fricken eyelash in my eye right now! ARGH!
I wish I was more happy and outgoing